Once you get braces, life will change. Not completely, but you will need to make some adjustments, especially when it comes to the things you eat and drink. Dr. Troy Lefort and our team can sit down with you for a visit to discuss the things you can eat and the foods to avoid in Lake Charles and Sulphur, Louisiana

Immediately after we have placed your braces, you should stick with foods that are easy on your teeth. Those can include seafood, soft fruits, cheese and desserts, pasta, vegetables that have been thoroughly cooked, pasta and mashed potatoes. Stay away from anything hard and tough or foods that contain spices or are acidic. As uncomfortable as your braces may be, it is a good idea to avoid ice cream for a while.

Once you are used to your braces, you will have a few more choices when it comes to your menu. You will still need to avoid hard and tough foods like nuts, raw vegetables and fruit, hard candy, popcorn, tough breads, and chewy treats like taffy. You can still enjoy soft bread, most meats, seafood, pasta, and the occasional treat like ice cream or milkshakes.

If you are not sure if something is compatible with your orthodontics, your best bet is to call our orthodontist and the team at Lefort Orthodontics to find out if the food in question could pose a problem for your smile. Until you can talk with us, when in doubt, leave it out.

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