Early Treatment

s-braces3Your child deserves the best treatment, and our mission at Lefort Orthodontics is to provide them with it. Our caring staff works tirelessly to create a comfortable environment in our Lake Charles office, so you and your child can enjoy yourselves and feel at ease.

While we’re happy to help patients of all ages, bringing in your child to see our orthodontist at an early age allows us the opportunity to hopefully help them get through treatments faster and achieve a confident, radiant smile that much sooner.

Early Evaluation vs. Early Treatment

All children should have their first visit with an orthodontist at the age of seven. This is when the last of the baby teeth fall out. As such, it is the perfect time for us to perform an evaluation of your child’s bite and ascertain whether or not there is enough space for all the adult teeth to come in.

Our orthodontist’s evaluation is simply an overview of your child’s dental condition. It gives us a starting point in case there is a need for future treatment. An evaluation does not necessarily mean that a child requires orthodontic intervention at this time.

If we notice any aspects of your child’s oral or dental structure that might benefit from an intervention, then we will discuss early treatment options with you first. If we spot anything that doesn’t necessarily need treatment right away but does require monitoring, we can track your child’s progress and come up with a treatment plan only if one becomes necessary.

How Does Early Treatment Help?

There are many benefits to treating orthodontic problems early on, including:

  • Ensuring room for crowded or unerupted teeth
  • Maintaining facial symmetry during jaw growth
  • Lowered trauma risk to protruding front teeth
  • Less time spent in braces or Invisalign aligners later on
  • Lowered risk of malocclusions

If we do need to come up with an orthodontic treatment plan for your child, starting at age seven gives us plenty of time. Early treatment usually lasts for about a year, after which we can take a break for a while before starting on any adolescent, or phase II treatment. Phase II could take another one to two years, and would ideally finish up before your child even enters high school.

It’s Healthy

Orthodontic treatment at our Lake Charles office is about much more than simply straightening out a smile. It’s true that one of the major benefits of successful treatment is a beautiful grin, but it also has many health benefits. Early intervention can prevent malocclusions and assist your child with having cleaner teeth, an easier time speaking, and better breath. Overall, misaligned jaws can lead to all kinds of health problems, and an evaluation while your child is still young can prevent this.

We Want to Help

We love welcoming young, new patients from Lake Charles, Moss Bluff, and other neighboring communities into our practice. Bring your child in for an evaluation with an orthodontist on his or her seventh birthday, and prepare them for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 337-436-3631 if you have question. To set up an appointment right away, fill out our online appointment request form now!

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